In Taiwan

This is part 2 which I wrote on the following day:

“It seems as if so many things happened already during my stay in here.

After I arrived in Taiwan I was going to stay one night in Taoyuan. I was really exhausted from the long travel and the only thing that was passing through my mind was just to jump in the first available bed and sleep. I finally took a nap in the afternoon and 3 hours later we went to the university where I even had the chance to attend a lecture in international business (about the golden standard). At that time everything still seemed very strange to me because of the whole environment around me. I had to introduce myself in front of the class and when we finished the lecture we went to get a drink in the nearby cafeteria. Not until after the other morning I realized that I spend almost 24 hours without having anything to eat. Early in the morning we got the bus to the mountain and departed to the village.

Bus Station

Bus Station

The bus is going up only once a day and it is a public transport – meaning we had to put all our stuff on the seats inside. After we arrived I finally realized how lucky I was that I could work with someone that actually speaks both English and Chinese. The job description didn’t really mention that a good knowledge of the language is required, but now when I think about it it’s a hard job to teach if you don’t understand anything. And yet, it’s not impossible to do 😉

On the way

On the way



On the way

On the way

There were so many exciting views along the road while we were traveling to our destination. Some things that I really liked were all the temples we passed by. After we arrived in the village I realized that I was going to teach English to children whose native language is so different and they were already taught in their local language as well. I feel a little guilty now because I still haven’t done much and I don’t know if my level of Chinese is going to get much better for the next 30 days. It’s true, however,  that there is still time to learn.

Schoo's office

School's office

I knew that I was going to teach in elementary school but I had no idea that those kids were actually aboriginal Taiwanese. The school is really small, but everything around still amazes me.

Our schedule is not really busy and I’ll try to explain briefly what has happened those few days.

On Wednesday we arrived at school and after we left our luggage in the rooms we met some of the students. Usually on Wednesday the studies end around noon so some of them had already left. We ate lunch and after that spend the whole afternoon playing basketball with some of the kids. I haven’t been training anything for quite a while so at the end I was really tired. Later we saw a movie with the rest …that was shortly after dinner. The whole day seemed very long for me and in the end I needed a serious rest, but it’s always good when you sleep in the mountain – you feel refreshed in the morning.

Today it went good as well…we spend a few hours with the students in their English classes and listened to the lessons…I still try to remember some words in Chinese but it’s not easy. The teachers however had a really different pronunciation of some words. I don’t know if anyone should blame them for that – they’re not using it in their lives at all. After lunch there was a martial arts training (PE). It was real fun even though there was no discipline at all and some students were punished during class. The session that followed after dinner was really unusual and interesting as well – the children communicate with students from a university in Taipei(I forgot the name). The university students give them math tasks – and that’s all happening through the internet – amazing.  At that age I had no idea what the internet even was.

Tomorrow we’re finally starting to teach. I hope everything goes well…I feel sleepy already and think I’ll end writing for today.”


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