Taiwan – some thoughts

That’s what I wrote just a few days after I arrived in Taiwan..somewhere on Dec.3:

Hm..how to start describing such a different experience?

Just a week ago I was sitting in my room watching the bad weather outside. That day I hadn’t the slightest idea what to expect once I arrive in Taiwan. I was supposed to be somehow excited of the fact, but it was a very distant thought in my mind. Right now it is as if everything I expected was so different from what it is in reality…but let’s go to the very beginning.

I’ll try to explain as well most of the details about the trip and about my stay in here as well….just cause I get too many questions ;).  I kept track on what’s really happening but I was somehow lazy to post it before.

“Day 1 Departure

Sunday…somewhere at noon..I am thinking of totally different things and I have no expectations, whatsoever about the forthcoming trip. I just said to myself  “I’ll leave it all to chance”. I didn’t want to make big plans, not because they were likely fail, but because sometimes that’s the good thing about life – surprises( even sometimes being bad)

Around 10 hours later I was on Terminal 3 at the airport and everything looked much different. The majority of people traveling in the airplane to Hong Kong were Asian  – not that it was surprising in any way, but it was something noticeable compared what I’ve experienced in Canada. That made me feel somehow strange, because for the first time I really realized that I am going to a country that speaks very different language from my own and my knowledge might not help me in every situation. Looking on the positive side I just told myself “whatever” – that’s how we learn –  by experiencing things.

15 minutes after midnight, as scheduled, myself and around 300 others embarked on a long 15 hours journey across the Pacific.( Actually the longest part of the flight was passing through the arctic and then through mainland China so at the end the plane was not going the way I thought it was.)

On the Airplane: Everything about it was pretty much perfect – the service was good, food was delicious, even though right now after what I’ve eaten for the last few days it just seems a little dull. I am just thinking they know pretty well how to make successful business, unlike Air Canada or some other European air companies. After all there was electricity on the plane, phone, catalog with endless titles of movies, music and television. First class was just… WOW. I have no words to describe that. I always thought traveling first class is a waste of money but in this case I can make an exception.

Day 2 To Taiwan

The airport in Hong Kong looked nice, even though there were few people that had arrived at the same time as me and most of them seemed very tired. After an hour spent at “arriving” level I decided to move toward “departures” on the next level. It was significantly better on the next floor –all stores were open, and most of them were selling some of the most expensive brands in the world. I had no idea exactly who was going to buy anything from there, because it was probably really expensive. I just decided to spend my money for something else(but right now I think that I won’t really spend a lot in here)

We departed to Taiwan 1 hour after that. The flight was serviced by Dragon Air which wasn’t exactly as good as Cathay Pacific. The service was similar to the one I got on the way to Poland the first time I went to Canada, but at the end the flight itself took only about an hour and a half. For one hour they gave me food and AIR Stupidiy(ahum..Canada) don’t give anything on the flight to Mexico unless you order it(and pay for it).

When I arrived at the airport I still had no idea what’s going to happen soon. The only thing I hoped for at that moment was  to see some familiar faces once I go out through the doors – and that’s exactly what didn’t happen…there was no one there waiting for me, just some people wandering around. I circled the area three times, but still no one was paying any attention to me. After I almost got desperate I decided to check if there is wi-fi at the airport and the only thing that crossed my mind was to send an email.

After around half an hour I finally met the AIESECers and an hour later everything seemed much better.”


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