This Week

Tuesday (9th)

It’s already a week since I am here. It was really a bad day yesterday – cold and raining all the time. Today was much better though…we spend most of the day teaching and playing with the kids. Sixth grade are really terrible but I think we can manage to deal with them somehow (though still don’t have a plan). I don’t really want to use the other teacher’s methods – shouting or pulling ears and I don’t think there’s anything on this world that can make me do it.

So if there’s nothing else I can do I think I’ll just leave them or we’ll teach in some other way – they’re smart enough even though they like to prove themselves – kids are always like that.

We had really good lunch as well…but I really miss eating some fruits – I have to buy something next time I go to Taipei.

Wednesday (10th)

So today wasn’t supposed to be a busy day, but we still had a meeting with all the teachers in the morning. The meeting took about 1 hour but since I didn’t understand a thing I just stood aside and got bored.

After the meeting the students were practicing their drumming cause they have a concert on Friday. I couldn’t participate so I took some shots around.

After lunch I guess with no classes everyone was just walking around and playing..I was playing all afternoon with the kids. I am truly amazed how good their basketball skills are..with a little more training they can get really good. I still suck at playing, but maybe I’ll improve by the end of my stay.

After that there was almost nothing to do…and I still feel tired after all that exercise today.


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