Wednesday already

Wow…time really flies sometimes. I don’t even remember what I did this monday and it is already Wednesday.

This morning we had a meeting with the rest of the teachers…as usual I didn’t understand much so I was just trying to pay attention and look as if I am really interested šŸ˜›

Yesterday we had English class with 6th grade and since they don’t like to listen very much me and Vivian had to find a different approach. We decided to take the class outside and demonstrated some verbs for sports(ex..kick the ball, hit, pass) by showing the exactly those activities. They had to repeat them after us saying the English word. Now we have to think of something for the other classes as well…we have the basic idea so the rest shouldn’t be really that difficult šŸ™‚

I think if we made the students think of it they can be pretty creative, but they’ll put their attention on the games rather than learning.

Oh…and Christmas is coming and we have to prepare something for that as well.

Today we also had a chicken soup..but instead of chicken meat there were legs and chicken heads in it – i don’t know if anyone ate this but I decided to skip…


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