Understanding the current situation…

Things are going to change after this week for me…a lot 😦 Even since I came in here I had hopes that I can learn at least basic conversational Chinese, but that turned out to be more difficult than expected. Now that Vivian is leaving on Sunday I’ll have to teach all by myself…I don’t find teaching itself difficult, but not knowing how to communicate with them is a great problem for me. I wish I could somehow escape this awkward situation, because the only thing that’s happening right now is I am getting really depressed…20 days is a lot of time and even the smallest miscommunication might mean a lot of trouble for me 😦 I should cheer up and try to organize something but the internet is somehow filtered as well which mean all access to YouTube or any p2p networks is totally blocked. That means I can’t download anything useful for classes…all I can do now is continue searching and in the meantime make a list of important events that are happening the following weeks.


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