So Much for the easy part…

The title says it all…Today was my first day as the only English teacher at the Elementary school. Vivian left for Singapore and I was able to say Goodbye one last time to her on MSN. Reality hit me in the face and now I have to deal with it 😛

I don’t know why we always realize the true responsibilities we have right after we’re left to deal with the problem by least that’s the case with me. Not even a day has passed and I had to adapt to the whole situation. First we had English class with the 4th grade students….somehow the teacher had no idea what we went through during our last lesson and he taught it more time…again with the wrong accent. Near the last 10 minutes he gave me a sheet of paper with some items and colours and told me something like “you continue from here”…???? How was I supposed to explain that…it’s just good those 10 minutes passed really fast.

Right after lunch the 5th grade had English lesson. This time the teacher wanted me to take care of that class. I didn’t have time to prepare anything and the internet was bad all morning so all I could think about was revising the last lesson again. I didn’t realize that the teacher could actually understand English so well 🙂 I managed to deal with both lessons with little problems – she took care of the discipline and I took care of the teaching.

In conclusion – I don’t think I’ll make the same mistake twice. Tonight I am downloading materials for the 6th graders and materials for the revision which will happen next week. I can’t believe it but I think I’ll make it on my own after all. I even think my Chinese is improving really fast right now…

31 Days left 😦


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