2009 already. Hm…did I wish for miracles that day?! Frankly I can’t even remember that.

Let’s start from the very beginning(as usual). On December 31 we were supposed to go to Taipei and see the fireworks at the 101. Mission set. Next step was the realization. During the day I was stating in Taoyuan waiting for Justian to come back so we can leave to Taipei where we were supposed to meet Tom(the LCs exVPTM).
Before that, however we had to go through the Taiwan’s MC office to get some documents signed.
Around 7pm we met the others and went to the supermarket to buy some food for tonight’s hot pot(steam boat). Our group for that night was  4 AIESECers and 2 Singaporeans who were travelling around Taiwan. I think we spend around $40CAD for food but we couldn’t even eat it all – it was so much. 1/2 hour before the clock hit 24 we took a cab and drove as close a we could to the 101. I think the distance was around 500 meters or more but we were able to see the fireworks clear enough. I don’t know what was I feeling. I think earlier tonight I had to make a wish but was I thinking about that at that very moment?! I was just enjoying the view.

IMG_6080 IMG_6105
When it was all over we got an empty bus. The bus driver let us in for free and we went as close as we could to Tom’s apartment. After that it was around 5 minutes walking till we go back to our dinner. I don’t think anyone wanted to eat at that time so we headed to be last floor where we slept in a dojo. We also played a card game which all the others thought it’s fun but simply put it was just plain gambling and I always lose when I gamble – in that case 50NT, and decided to quit playing.  Around 3:30 I went to sleep and that pretty much ended the new year hype.
Next day we woke up early, had breakfast and after a short ride on the  MRT we all split. Tom and the Singaporeans went one way. Me and Justian were supposed to go to Dajia to his family house but I decider to stay a little longer. I had to take the later bus by myself and that was the first time I got really worried that I might get lost. Fortunately everything turned out fine, but I got a bad headache in the bus and for some reason it was freezing cold inside. At 大甲 I met Justian and we ate dinner, saw the Mazu temple and went back to his house where I took a hot bath and prepared for next day’s travel.

By the way I wrote that on my phone..so if I have mistakes you can correct me 🙂


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