January 7th

It’s the middle of the week already…and the longest I’ve stayed in the school by myself. Last week I was in here for 2 days only so it didn’t feel that bad, but I have the feeling that I am already getting really bored in here. I know those kids can never get boring, but other than that I’ve no one in here. Most of the teachers don’t acknowledge me much and since they don’t speak English  they can’t inform me if something’s happening. I might have to stay in here as well in Saturday and the idea doesn’t sound exciting, but I have no interest in going anywhere this weekend. My mood went from bad to worse last two days and my desire to explore the surrounding area has vanished as quickly as the morning’s sun today. I have no lessons today so I am bound to stay at my room all day which seems even worse. I already read everything I could, watched every movie I had and with no lessons to prepare I am really stuck.

The only thing that is worth mentioning for today is the dance some of the students made at their classroom 🙂

Later on they made a funny race outside in the yard

I wanted to upload the movies I made but I guess the connection is too bad…as usual:(


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