Time flies…

…and my time teaching in here is over. Today was my last day with the 6th grade and we did some review of their tests from the morning. I wasn’t surprised at all from the results – everyone did as I expected which is both good and bad for me. Good, because for 2 months I improved their English as much as I could. Bad, because I couldn’t do more about the obvious mistakes they made. Overall it was a good experience for me – both useful and fun, but I really hope my stay here had positive impact on the students, because after all they are smart kids and can achieve much in life as long as they have the motivation and opportunities. I want to tell them so many things, especially the 6th graders, since they’re leaving school after this term. What I hope for is that they go to high school and get the proper education they really need. By the way after 2 months here I was finally able to remembered their Chinese names.

After today I have 16 days left in Taiwan. I can’t say I feel too happy about going back…I’ll miss this place and everything about it. This, however, is not my home and I should move on. I’ll try to make the best of it during the rest of my stay and hopefully everything will go on as planned. Thinking positively I should say that some time in the future I may come back…hopefully


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