Part II

November 27

It was the last day of the week which marked the end of 5 pretty busy days. That week we started our presentation in front of all classes and we had the opportunity to observe their reactions to everything we say about our culture and home environment. We also saw one athlete who showed some tricks in front of everyone during breaks between classes. I even had the chance to take part in one of his tricks. I wasn’t as convincing as he was, but I think I did pretty well.

November 28

Even though it was a weekend we had an activity organized by the teachers. We went out after breakfast early at 9AM and met the others at the local Wine Factory in Yilan which was an interesting attraction.  We managed to look around and take lots of pictures before we continue to our next destination. After the wine factory we went to a Japanese house. We spent our time taking many pictures in there as well and by the time we finished it was almost time for lunch. The teachers took us to a restaurant which was something like a hot pot buffet which I’ve never seen before and it was called Shabu Shabu and it seems quite popular in the area. I think everyone was pretty excited, because the food was very delicious and we had the local mall to explore after that. That took us another hour and around 4PM we were all back home.

November 30

It’s the first day of the week, and again we had many presentations to make. It went smooth with some of the classes and a little difficult with others. Our students are good listeners at some point, but I have the feeling that it’s not always as interactive as I wish it was. Nonetheless, we managed to do it and present everything. This Friday is exam time, so we won’t have to attend classes. I am not sure yet, what we’re going to do, but I hope students can successfully pass all their exams.

December 1, 2009

It’s the second day of the week and our day started slowly which was a little unusual compared to last week’s work. We had one presentation with the 7th grade before lunch time and it was good again. That class was somehow noisier than usual but they were listening to us and in the end they managed to answer all the questions Kyle asked them. After lunch we had two other classes and that concluded our school day. We still have to scan the books and finish with the storytelling part and next week we have that winter camp with around 30 students so we have a lot to do again.

December 7, 2009

After the great weekend and the hot springs it was time for work again. We felt relaxed and ready for the first day of the week. Monday and Tuesday are usually busy but the students had English test so our job was just to help them in any way we could. The good thing is they don’t really like looking at each others’ monitors and get the answers from there. In other words, no cheating! We did our job there and that pretty much concluded our day.

December 8, 2009

Tuesday was sunny and nice, and again we had many classes. All students finished their tests and we had some new words and expressions to introduce. Shereen had to change money in the bank so I had to attend two classes on my own. It didn’t feel much different because the students were paying attention in class and my job wasn’t too difficult. After class we went to the night market where we grabbed some food and drinks and went home to relax.

December 9th

Wednesdays are not usually busy but the weather was great again and students had outdoor activities.  Somewhere near the third break they had geography class outside and I went to watch how they are doing.  The teacher was explaining about North America and since he mentioned Canada I got quite interested. After that, the teacher asked me to tell the students about Canada and I had 15 minutes to tell them something interesting about the country. After I finished he asked me to teach the other 9th grade and I did that as well. It’s nice to teach outside, but the sun can make people a little dizzy and sleepy sometimes. Maybe that was the reason why I fell asleep in the car on the way back after school

December 12th


December 13th

Monday was the start of the new week and as usual we had to prepare our lessons. The new thing was the storytelling part for which we scanned the books and prepared questions. That day we couldn’t do it because we didn’t prepare everything so we left it for the next day.  That day we had quite a lot of classes and quite a lot of work to do

December 14th

Tuesday was the first day of the storytelling part. We did it in the computer room and everything went OK. The students were not very excited about answering the questions but we got all the right answers. Since it was a sunny day again we did the geography class with 9th grade again and that went really nice. They also asked a lot of questions. We had a meeting about next week’s farewell “party” and we have to prepare speech for the students and part of that speech should be in Chinese as well.


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