Part III

December 15th

Today is cloudy and rainy and the forecast said it’s going to get worse. We are leaving Yilan next Friday and I feel so sad about that. I got used to this place and I really like working in school here. I don’t know how to explain the feeling, but it’s something I felt before when I was about to leave Taiwan but this time it’s much stronger and it won’t be easy.

December 21st

After the Hualien trip I knew it was the last week of my stay at school and I was really confused about that. We had classes on Monday but it wasn’t so busy and the weather was still really cold to move around and do anything. Our classes were with the 7th grade so it was supposed to go smoothly

December 22nd

Tuesday came really quickly and we had to go shopping for food in the afternoon because our cooking session was next day on Wednesday. In the morning before lunch time we had some classes and we had to present Christmas to the students and the way we celebrate in our own countries. I am not sure exactly how much they understood from what we’ve told them, but I think they got enough. I also learned a little bit more about Malaysian Christmas as well. After lunch we went to Carrefour where we got our food and came back to school for 1 class and left to Foguang University after that. It’s a Buddhist university and it’s located on a very special location in the mountain. That place was really beautiful because I could see all the valley and the ocean from there.

December 23rd

It was one of the busiest days during our stay here in Taiwan. After we went to school in the morning we had to prepare for the speech at 10AM. I tried the Santa suit and put some clothes under to look more like the real Santa.

My fake beard left traces and wasn’t very convincing but it was OK. We got the schedule for the celebration and at exactly 10 o’clock we went out where all the students were gathered. The thing I was really surprised for were the Christmas cards we got from the students and the writings inside. After that the principal gave us certificates of appreciation about our internship here in Kai Syan Junior High School.

We also had the time to sing a song and then we had to go to the kitchen where we cooked for lunch. Shereen made curry chicken and I made fries, and eggs with sausage and peppers. I don’t know how good it was for the Teachers but I hope they liked it.

In the afternoon all the 8th graders had drama competition and we went to watch them. Their performance was really good and we took so many pictures. After each class Shereen and I were taking pictures with each group. When the last performance finished we had to vote for our favourite and we put a red dot for the class we liked the most. That marked one of the most amazing days in Taiwan and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. And that’s not all. Around 5PM after school Susan took us for barbecue and that place was really nice and I can say it was a great finish to a great day.

December 24th

It’s the day before Christmas and tomorrow is our last day in school. I still feel sad that I have to leave. We had classes with the students and some of them were surprised that we are still here because the farewell party was on Wednesday. We taught about Christmas back home and everyone enjoyed the presentations. After school we went back again and packed our luggage.

December 25th

It’s Christmas and our last day at school. I feel so sad that I have to leave now. School was like my home and I can’t imagine going away. I kept changing living places in Taiwan but I think I enjoyed my time here the most. We had presentations in the morning and we took so many pictures with classes.








Now we have to take the other pictures and I don’t want to say goodbye. I’ll just say “see you again”.

Oh…and Kyle has birthday today. Happy Birthday Kyle =)


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