Taiwan 2009 in brief

A short story about a country that has become so much to me…it was my home, and the people were my good friends.

I’ll make it really brief because it’s about a period of over 9 months. I won’t include all but I still keep all the pictures I took.

I still remember the first day I arrived.


It was a dark evening in Kaohsiung, the weather was hot and it felt quite different from what I left behind me. I was going to stay there for 1 year during my internship and I had to adjust to everything as fast as I could. I got picked up by AIESEC and it was a nice experience coming back to Taiwan again. Really exciting…thanks 😛


Welcome party with WZLC

Next day I went to my workplace where I met Frank. He was staying with me at the dorm at Daliao. I got my welcome party and I got some nice reception events in the beginning of summer. I was still expecting the serious work to start pretty soon


Later on I met SYLCs trainees – Flo and Conrado, and they were kind enough to show me around and I stayed with them for a month in their apartment right in front of the Kaohsiung 85(great location by the way). I also met Max who had his internship in Taiwan, but unfortunately it got cancelled. He was looking for a job but in the end he went back to New Zealand. Now he’s in China doing his second internship.


Flo and Frank



July came and I had to move to 旗山 where I had to continue my work. IMG_8473

Summer camp got cancelled and there was not much to do. I spent some time learning and enjoying the nice weather. Cishan is really relaxing, but not so much fun in there.   IMG_0292IMG_0315

There was an AIESEC summer conference in summer and it was my first National Taiwan conference. I couldn’t stay the whole time because I had to work on Monday and on Sunday they spend the whole time speaking in Chinese.

That summer I also met Rachel and Pauline who had their DT traineeship in Taiwan. IMG_9010 IMG_9516

We managed to spend a few weekends with Pauline exploring Kaohsiung and the area and taking lots of pictures travelling with my second-hand scooter 😀 Actually Summer was the time with many of events going on. Kaohsiung was the host of the 2009 World Games and I managed to see the opening ceremony.

IMG_0569 - Copy

Typhoon Moracot was the thing that changed so many things. Apart from devastating southern Taiwan it destroyed many homes and after that a lot of elementary school students moved in to our campus. IMG_0922 I was lucky I could volunteer with Andre and Kevin to help clean the damages from the typhoon. IMG_0965 Having those kids was also an opportunity for me to teach English. However, at the beginning of September I had an accident that changed everything and September 2nd was the last day I saw Cishan in 2009.

Nothing really interesting happened on October since I had to recover. Later on I sold my scooter(or what was left of it), settled everything and on a sunny Sunday morning I got the bus to Taipei. Fortunately it wasn’t the last time I saw Kaohsiung.IMG_0906


With NTLC at the welcome party

I started my third internship on November 16th. I met Yule at the bus station and he took me to that hostel where we picked Su Ying, Mei Ling, Shereen and Shi Wei. IMG_1289 Then we left to Yilan and stayed in an orphanage for 2 months. Next weet Jomel, Natalie and Fannie arrived and we formed our happy family. The first weekend we had our welcome party where we met the rest of the AIESECers. It was a very nice event meeting new people. Oh…and I had my birthday two days after I arrived at Yilan. IMG_1309

For those two months we managed to visit many places and I am happy I finally went to Taroko and Hualien. I was nicely surprised by the beautiful environment of the area, but also a bit disappointed by the continuing rainfalls. 05 12 2009 (53)IMG_1637IMG_2139-2 DSC00041

I already explained in details about life in school so I’ll just skip to the last part: Malaysia and Singapore


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