For one reason or another I couldn’t write anything during my stay there so I’m doing it almost a month after I went there…

Day 1: Friday

It was a day to travel, because at 10A.M. I left Yilan, and finally got some rest near 1AM next day on Saturday. Let me start from the very beginning….

That day the principal’s wife took me to the kindergarten she was working at, and I got to meet some funny kids, who were really happy to see me. I had a short time to spend with them but it was really nice being there right before leaving. She dropped me at the bus station where I took the bus to Taipei.

Map picture

From Taipei I took another bus to Taoyuan Airport and waited for my plane to Kuala Lumpur. The flight took 5 hours and I slept during most of the time. Air Asia is a low cost airline so I can’t say many good things about them 😛 nothing special there.

Map picture

When I reached Kuala Lumpur, Pauline’s dad picked me up from the airport and we drove toward the meeting spot. We had dinner in Old Town Coffee (which is famous in Malaysia) and I finally tried some traditional Malaysian food. It was some kind of coconut rice with small fish, fried chicken and peanuts. When we met Pauline we drove to her friend’s house where we stayed that night. That concluded one looooooooong journey.

Day 2

After waking up next day we left to KL and we went to central market where we looked around for some traditional stuff from Malaysia.

IMG_7582IMG_7587 I  saw quite a lot of foreigners in that place which was surprising after being in Taiwan for so long. When we left the market we went to the nearby mosque where girls, no matter from what religion, have to wear that thing on their heads.IMG_7626IMG_7630IMG_7645 When we saw around we went to the twin towers with the bad KL MRT which I’d try to avoid if I ever go there again.

At the twin towers we took so many pictures and that it took us quite a long time. We also couldn’t go to the bridge connecting both towers cause everything was booked already

IMG_7770IMG_7661IMG_7885 In the evening I met Shi Wei, Su Ying, Shereen and Natalie for dinner at the mall which still had Christmas decoration on January 9th. That was our family reunion and we took some funny shots again.

IMG_8007IMG_8009 Later, we were supposed to get the night view later and then go to Pauline’s uncle’s place. The view of KL at night is really pleasant and it’s great to find a spot where you can enjoy the night view and a smoke hookah 😛 IMG_8014

IMG_8068Day 3

First thing after waking up was having dim sum for breakfast and I really enjoyed that. After eating we went to one Indian sacred cave that had some temples, lots of monkeys and a huge statue in front

IMG_8255 IMG_8292

IMG_8168 We were also able to play with the monkeys and take a lot of pictures as usual 😉

IMG_8299IMG_8369After tha t we took the car and the three of us departed to Singapore whe re I was going to spend the whole work week.IMG_8389


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