John Carter

I don’t really write much, if anything at all, about movies. I love cinema and enjoy the art of movie-making, but for some reason I’m not so good at sharing my impressions about a movie.

The reason why I’m writing about this one is because I won tickets for a pre-screening and that was a very nice surprise considering the last movie I saw in the theatre was “KungFu Panda 2” almost 8 months ago.

Another interesting fact was that Taylor Kitsch(at that time I really had no idea who that was) was there in person, at least till the beginning.

Like I mentioned earlier, 2012 was a year of interesting surprises and turns, so watching a pre-screening of something for the first time was certainly a good addition to  the category of new experiences.

Oh, the movie itself was good. Like many people will see later, it’s nothing new under the sun. What made it different for me is how they made something like Mars(imagine a yellow/brown desert planet) interesting to watch. From a visual perspective this movie was certainly an amazing travel. There were some things in the story that I didn’t get but I liked the mystery behind those men(Mark Stong as their leader).

Should you watch it? It’s decent and I don’t think many people will be disappointed with it. It’s a little better than what I originally expected. I’d classify it as a mix between Star Wars+Conan+other adventure movies.



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