Istanbul Pt 4

This was the last day, left for seeing whatever was left from previous days, and some shopping on the side

Kariye museum 

Kariye Museum

This seems to be the farthest place on the map we went to visit. It seems to be one of the reasons why many people decide to skip it. I wouldn’t recommend making that mistake. It won’t take much of your time, and it’s definitely worth seeing it. 

To get there all you have to do is change trams from T1 to T4 at Topkapi(not to be confused with the palace. They’re not even close) station and then get off at Yatan station. After that you need to walk a bit, which might be confusing if you don’t have a map.

Mosaics Museum

That was the other thing on our list for the day. I went there mostly because it was also included in our museum pass. It won’t take you long to visit and quite honestly if you have to pay separately for it it’s not worth it. Not that it’s not beautiful but there’s almost no description of the mosaics. It will take you 20 minutes probably to see it all. 

After that we had enough time to some more shopping and have dinner.

One thing to consider is that the Grand Bazaar is not working on Sundays!!!

Overall, we could have seen something more on Sunday. There was enough time for that.

Things we actually wanted but didn’t see for one reason or the other:

  • Galata Tower: it was too hot and didn’t find how to go up using public transport
  • Dolmbahce Palace: After reading how little time you have inside, and the fact that the tour is with a guide only, we decided not to go. Can’t even take pictures inside
  • Basilica Cistern: from a friend I heard that, while the place is interesting it’s nothing spectacular
  • Princes Islands: it was either bosphorus cruise or the islands. We choose the cruise. If you have more time, it’s probably worth seeing
  • Fatih Mosque: I thought we might not have enough time to see the other things. It’s a bit off course

Leaving Istanbul by Airplane is not complicated at all. We got the Tram from Sultanahmet, switched to Subway at Zeytinburnu and got off at the airport. It took roughly one hour and it wasn’t complicated at all.

Make sure you arrive there 3 hours earlier. At the time of our visit airport security checks were a little more strict than usual. That, and we were flying through New York.


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