Singapore Pt. 2

Day 3

I had the same dilemma again – where to go? I read about Changi Museum which was about Singapore’s civilian population during Japanese occupation and decided to go there. Jay came with me and our first stop was Chinatown again. We wanted to visit the Indian temple in the area which turned out to be closed for renovation, and a Buddhist temple which was fortunately open. IMG_8664IMG_8658 After exploring around we went to have lunch nearby and finally got the MRT to the station where we were supposed to take the bus to the museum. That place wasn’t very near but we still managed to get there on time.It was an unique experience reading about the events that happened in Singapore during WWII. The story about those people there was really touching and it was something you don’t get to learn in history classes. I read pretty much everything and the only bad side was I couldn’t take any pictures inside. When we finished , the only thing nearby was Changi village and we went there to have dinner and look around. IMG_8682IMG_8688 Before eating at the local market we explored the beach park on the east side of Singapore. We had some Malay food for dinner and then got the bus and went back to the hostel.

In the evening I went to have dinner and Pauline’s mom made some delicious food for us.

Day 4

Jomel came back from Japan and the three of us with Mei Ling were going to Sentosa Island that day. IMG_8749 We met around 11AM at the MRT and had lunch in the mall. When we finished lunch we bought our tickets and got the train to the island. The fun package got us 3 different attractions so after stopping we went to our first destination. On the way there we passed by the fake Merlion which was also an attraction and took a few shots in front of it.

IMG_8762 The first stop was the history of Singapore from the beginning to present days. IMG_8770 IMG_8787

IMG_8812IMG_8815 Attraction #2 was the tower from which we could see the whole city. sentosa big

From there we went to the beach and stayed there, but later it started to  rain. We were anticipating the beginning of “songs of the sea” which was a very special laser show at Sentosa in the evening.

IMG_8878 IMG_8863 It started at 7PM and lasted for more than an hour and it was really unique – probably the best show of this kind that I’ve ever seen.


In the evening we went for a drink and walk with my friends from the hostel. We went to the river again and stayed there until almost 4:30AM.


Day 5

After waking up I packed my luggage and brought everything downstairs. It was my last day in Singapore and that night we had to take the train from JB to Kuala Lumpur. Kay and Sandy left early in the morning to HK and rushed to the airport around noon. We weren’t leaving Singapore until around 10PM so I just spend the time staying at the hostel. In the evening me and Ju went to have dinner nearby and said “bye” to each other cause she was going somewhere else and I was leaving Singapore. 17845_1327839762806_1435302914_893922_3563651_n

After I went back I got all my stuff and got to the MRT where I met Pauline. I couldn’t say “goodbye” to Jay but he didn’t come back while I was still in the hostel. From the MRT we got the bus to the border and after that everything went pretty smooth. We got to JB and almost missed the train but in the end we managed to get it. We got beds in the train so I fell asleep pretty fast and woke up next day around ½ hour away from KL

Malaysia Day 4

Arriving so early at the train station has certain disadvantages. Nothing over there is open so in order to leave my luggage we had to wait until 9. We got McDonalds(one of the few places open) for breakfast and planned where to go next. My plane was leaving at 4PM so there were not many places to visit. We went to central market again where I bought souvenirs, got lunch nearby, and went to the bus station again cause the bus to the airport was leaving from there. IMG_4007

I arrived at the airport just in time and checked in my luggage. Everything went smooth as usual and around 5PM we left Malaysia. I was going to see Taipei one more time =)

The flight wasn’t very pleasant because the plane was shaking too much and I couldn’t even sleep.IMG_4012

So much for that trip…it sure was GREAT!


Singapore Pt. 1

Day 1

I arrived at Singapore at 1AM after a long drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Map picture

At Johor Bahru we got a cab which took us across the border. We passed without any delays, even though the woman at the customs kept staring at my passport wondering how come I’m not flying to Singapore. After that we stopped at the hostel where I was going to stay for the next 5 days. It’s hard to describe the feeling when you’re in a new country and all of a sudden you find yourself inside without having the slightest idea what’s actually around. I felt like I was in the middle of the ocean.


The following morning I woke up relatively early because I had to meet Mei Ling in Chinatown around 11A.M. We arranged our meeting at exit “B” of the MRT, but when I got there I found out there’s actually no exit B at that station. My phone saved me again cause I found Wi-Fi connection nearby and we were able to meet in front of “Lucky Chinatown”. I forgot to mention that getting a prepaid SIM card in Singapore is very expensive – you need to deposit around $300, which you get back eventually.

After meeting at Chinatown we had lunch there and then left for Orchard road where we looked around the malls and from there got the bus to the Esplanade(it’s the building that looks like a durian). IMG_8415






The view of the area was quite nice and around half an hour later we finally got to Singapore’s symbol – the Merlion. IMG_8450IMG_8444

I took the usual touristy pictures and then we explored around. I really liked that part, especially the Singapore River and all the places nearby.

IMG_8507 There were many more things to see, but I still had 5 more days. Later that evening we went with Pauline and Jovi for dinner and then saw the night view of the river and again…the Merlion 😛 Singapore feels so great at night, because it’s warm and you can enjoy walking around. I got the MRT from there and went back to the hostel where I took a walk through Little India.  IMG_8542IMG_8541 IMG_8579





Day 2

Since I didn’t plan anything the previous day I stayed quite late that night thinking of where to go next day, but I was too tired. In the morning I woke up early and began looking for a good destination, preferably nearby.

First stop was Arab Street which was walking distance away. On the way there I stopped at the nearby mosque which was 2 minutes away from the hostel. I took some shots and then left toward my original destination.

IMG_8582 Arab Street was filled with many stores selling carpets and many restaurants.IMG_8604IMG_8593

I wanted to see Sultan Mosque which was one of the special attractions in the area. I didn’t indent to go in so I just took a few shots on the outside and left along the road going east. IMG_8595 I decided to go to Chinatown after that so I was going to walk  there and take pictures along the way. I got somehow lucky cause right after I went near Chinatown it started to rain. I got lunch and then sat down for a while to see if the rain’s going to stop. Waiting for 20 minutes was long enough and I just went back to the hostel. I made some friends over there so we spend the rest of the time talking.



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It wasn’t a very exciting day but it was still OK.